Thursday, September 29, 2011

How it all began part IV

My relationship with Wolf was only the second one in which I dated the guy before we became friends. Wolf and I watched our friendship "blossom" at the mall. He closed every night and I often worked evening shifts so I would often meander down to the customer service desk when I was done with work and would stay with him until the mall closed. We also spent several hours after the mall closed just talking or playing card games.
Christmas came and went. I spent most of Christmas day at his house (even accidentally falling asleep on a couch while his family roamed around).
January came and went. We celebrated my birthday in a quiet way and he gave me the practical gift that I wanted (an OXO tupperware to keep my flour in). I was getting antsy. I was the one that said "I love you" first and I was the one that brought up marriage first, but I also did not want to go into a ring shop with him. (I had a pretty bad experience in a ring shop before with a different young man.) Wolf was worried because I laid out what I liked in rings but I wanted him to choose. The only time I went in a jewelry store with him was to check my ring size.
Once I asked him when he would propose.
Springish? What did that mean?
The first half of February came and went. We had talked about dates. Originally it was set for July but then I realized I wanted to go to summer term and it would be better to get married at the beginning of June.
Finally Wolf told me that he was ordering the ring and it would arrive in 5-7 days. I was ecstatic but still antsy. He could hold onto that ring for months before giving it to me...