Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How it all began part V

The proposal:
* Side note: My darling Wolfgang had one requirement for his proposal. He only wanted it to be a surprise. He told me around the time he got the ring and I knew he could not hold onto it for long without giving it to me so he had a very narrow window in which to propose.
Continue reading. Please.
February 17 was one of those days...
My brother celebrated his 23rd birthday, my sister celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary, and one of my bffs from high school decided to get married that day.
I had the day off work somehow; I probably let someone else take my shift so they could get more hours. I slept in and worked on an art assignment that was due later in the day.
Wolf picked me up for lunch at the usual lunchy time and we decided to go to Red Robin mostly because I had never been there before. (My family never went out to eat when I was little. The only places we went to were Brick Oven, Chuck-a-Rama, other places and that just about covers it.
I gravitated towards the onion rings as a girl allergic to onions is bound to do every time she goes into a restaurant.
Fact: I am allergic to onions, peppers, and garlic. (And other things.)
These allergies do not stop me from eating whatever I want to eat.
I adore spicy food.
I used to eat onions like apples.
Wolf is trying to wean me from these foods.
This was an occasion in which Wolf actually let me eat the onion rings. I should have caught onto his hints. He had a black bean burger as he is bound to do and I ate a meat burger as I am bound to do. We munched and chatted wedding plans.
After lunch, I had plans to meet up with my darling friend Manny to go shopping for the wedding reception. Monica and I talked boys; she had just gotten out of a relationship and I was on top of the world with my current relationship. We bought the most comfortable blanket for Alyson and decided to meet up later that evening for more breakup talk.
I had to rush off to make it to my two classes on Thursday. Music went by quickly and art was full of clay and chatter from friends.
Fast forward to that evening.
I was waiting for 9:00 before I went to Monica's place. Up until July of last year, I was the manager of our cute little kiosk at the University Mall. Every single evening, I received a phone call from the girl that closed to give me the numbers and details of that day. That evening, Kaeli (my best friend's little sister) was closing. I took the numbers from her, called my boss, and rushed off to Monica's house.
Immediately as I pulled into Manny's driveway, I received yet another call from Kaeli.
Sadly, Kaeli told me that she had locked her keys into the cart and needed me to help her out.
I was in a bind.
There were many solutions to this problem that did not involve me going to the mall to help her. There are ways to get into the cart without a key, there were girls that live closer to the mall she could have called, I could have come up with a great solution.
I did not.
I sped right back out of Monica's driveway and called her as I rushed up University. "I am so sorry. I was literally in your driveway, but I have to help Aud's sister at Katelyn & Co. She locked her keys in the kiosk. I promise I will hurry as quickly as I can." I was off.
As I pulled up to the mall, I noticed Wolf's car still in the parking lot.
Hmmm. He normally leaves immediately at 9:00.
As I ran into the mall and approached the cart, there was nobody in sight. I circled the cart once. No Kaeli. I went around another half time.
As I pulled out my phone to call her, I saw someone walked towards me. Wolf.
"Hey. What are you doing here?"
"Kaeli called. She locked her keys in the cart, but I cannot find her."
"Oh. Well as long as you're here..."
He pulled out a small box and handed it to me.
I opened it and saw a ring.
A big, fat flower ring from the 70s.
Seriously? That was one thing I made him promise me; to never do a fake proposal.
Next I saw him pull a thin platinum band from his pinky.
Wolf offered me a replacement for what was in the box. It was a gorgeous halo setting ring with a gorgeous diamond in the middle.
Come to think of it, I do not think I said yes.
We hugged. We kissed. We found his dad and hugged him. We visited my family and called everyone that was not at my parents' house. Wolf texted his mom. Seriously? A text? We then visited his family and I told my story dozens of times. I apologized to Monica. I texted my boss to tell her I became engaged at work.
The world was good.