Thursday, July 31, 2014

The trip: in the beginning (Zurich and Dijon)

Early on July 14, I had my first views of France and Switzerland. Granted, they were from thousands of feet in the air in a 767 from Philadelphia to Zurich, but the excitement for our trip stated growing even more.
Ever since Wolf and I got married, we talked about going to Europe. Germany specifically for Wolf. We looked at plane prices, but nothing ever seemed to fit our schedules until this spring. We were this close to going on a spring break cruise. So close. The price was right and the destination seemed perfect. Why didn't we go? We couldn't find my pesky passport. Then and there I determined we were going to Europe that summer.
Wolf thought it was another instance of dreaming. Until we bought two tickets to Zurich on his birthday in late May. Everything came together smoothly after that. Thankfully.
We arrived in Zurich early that Monday morning. As excited travelers do, we pushed aside cases of jet lag and grogginess for the time being and began our adventure.
We took a regional train into the center of town, deposited our bags into a locker, and started exploring. Zurich apparently has few touristy things to do. We didn't mind. We were only in town for a few hours. We meandered up and down cobblestone hills, enjoyed schnecke from a local bakery, visited a beautiful church, and started feeling exhausted. We spent the last hour before our train left in the train station waiting room.
Apparently the train ride to Dijon was beautiful. I wouldn't know. I slept through most of it. We pulled into France on their Bastille Day. Everyone was out enjoying that holiday. Our hotel room was a twenty minute walk from the station. It was a cute little attic room with a shared bathroom next door and no air conditioning.
We went to sleep shortly after arriving and woke up at one to the sounds of fire crackers being set off every few minutes. They continued until three or four.
We walked to the train station when the sky was just beginning to show strains of light. The only other people out were bakers and people on morning strolls.