Sunday, November 13, 2011

A semi recreation of our first date

Yesterday was the year anniversary of mine and Wolf's first date. (It's strange; he remembers these dates better than I do.) Wolf took the evening off work, very unusual for a Saturday night, and we headed off as soon as he got home.

On our first date, we went to Bombay House, headed over to see a movie, and then talked on my doorstep for a few hours.

On this lovely recreation, we headed to Mama Chus for some delightful Mexican food. At least we kept up the foreign cuisine. I love Mama Chus. It is a reasonably priced Mexican restaurant just up the street from the mouth of Provo Canyon. I went there for the first time in 8th grade right after our Spanish festival held at BYU. My junior high is just a half mile away. Wolf claimed that he indulged in the best bean burrito he had ever had. There is my plug for Mama Chus.

After we had our fill, we headed off for dessert. The Chocolate. I have known about The Chocolate for a long time but had never been until I started dating Wolf. They used to be my neighbors. Do you see the cart in the background, just behind the Chocolate? That is my beloved Katelyn & Co cart that I used to frequent on an almost daily basis. Now that I have moved higher on the totem pole, I just sub there occasionally (including this Black Friday).

The Chocolate has since moved to a delightful little location on State Street. I grabbed a chocolate caramel cupcake and Wolfie indulged in a slice of the Brooklyn Blackout. I do not understand how he can scarf down dark chocolate like that.

As for the final leg of our date? We grabbed the 8:00 showing of Puss in Boots. It was a clever and terribly cute movie that made me miss my cat and convinced Wolf that we need a cat someday... Okay. That last sentence may not be true...I would support your decision if you decided to go see that movie. Especially if you have popcorn.

We did not stand on our doorstep for a few hours talking. We decided to forego the cold and instead chatted inside our house.

Lovely date.