Saturday, July 9, 2011

How it all began part II

If you missed the first part of this story, you can read part I.
After the call we had that Monday, I realized that he had not asked me for my address. I was unsure if he was the type of guy that "forgot" to ask me my address on purpose so he could call me again later in the week, or if he was so nervous that he legit forgot.
A few days later, I received another call from him to confirm the plans and to get my address. I lived in a little brick house that year with five girls. The house was situated on a pretty busy street and the fact that it is a brick house made it easier to find. I had confidence in him that he would be able to find it with ease.
The day of our first date, I worked a rather long shift at work and got home with an hour to get ready. Normally, this would have been more than enough time for me to change and freshen up my look, but I had a small dilemma. I was unsure as to what to wear. Keep in mind, this was not one of those blue shirt or red shirt problems. I had no idea how much he was dressing up for the date and I did not want to wear jeans if he was in something nicer. The reason my mind was in a long thought process over this is because I had never seen him in jeans before. He is required to dress up a bit for work so I had only ever seen him in slacks or dress pants. I summoned the one roommate that was home that evening to explain to her. After discussing the situation, we came up with a clever solution. She would answer the door and then come to get me. I was already dressed in jeans, but if he was wearing something nicer, I would be the fastest changer in the west and quickly replace the jeans for a skirt.
As we waited for him to come, we giggled as we crouched in front of the closed blinds, trying to keep a small slit in the plastic so we could watch for his car. 7:00 came and went. I am very OCD about being on time, but I understand the fact that may people are a bit late for dates and this is because lots of girls say they will be ready at 7:00, but they mean they will actually be ready at 7:10. This makes no sense to me. It got later and later and I was a little surprised and starting to get disappointed. That's when he called me.
"Uh, I feel really stupid, but what's your address?"
I gave it to him again, and he gave a nervous laugh. He apologized, told me that he had switched up east and west, and told me he was on his way. My roommate and I now waited more anxiously than ever. Finally, a car pulled up to the house. I rushed back to my room (an action that probably shifted the blinds like no one's business).
Cue doorbell.
Cue the roommate answering the door after waiting a few seconds to not appear like she was waiting right next to the door.
Cue muffled voices.
Enter the roommate into my room.
"He's wearing jeans!"
I thanked her and walked out to greet him. (He looked good in jeans!)
We headed off to Bombay House, his favorite restaurant. After a very awkward time in the waiting area (I was sitting for most of it, he was standing, and that just makes for an awkward time) we were called to our table and things got much better. He got his usual vegetarian dish and I got my sweet curry. He had told me before our date that he is a vegetarian and I was interested to see exactly how committed to this. I am not the biggest carnivore out there, but I do enjoy my meat. He offered to let me try his dish, but since he got it the hottest they have it and since I have an allergy to onions, peppers, and garlic (you try spicing up a dish without one of those) I declined.
We filled ourselves to the brim at that place. I love their food.
It was rather late when we finished our dinner. He seemed eager to continue the date and suggested a movie. We decided on Unstoppable once reaching the theatre. I am a fan of Denzel Washington, so I was interested in the film. I liked it, but they used strong language more than I would have liked and this post is not to review movies.
By the time Wolf and I got back to my house, I was exhausted. I am not a night person. It was a cold November night, and I expected the doorstep scene to only last a few minutes. We continued to talk and he led the conversation, much to my surprise. Finally, after about an hour, we ended our night. At the end of this doorstep scene, he did something that no other guy had done on a first day. He gave me a side hug.
A side hug.
I was surprised. I thought the date had gone well, and I translate side hug to be something you give to your friend or someone you just aren't interested in.
I went to bed that night rather confused.
End of part II

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