Sunday, December 16, 2012


I have a passion. (Well, I have many passions.) One of my greatest passion is that of creation. Have you ever seen this message before?

I adore it. First, I love that man. Second, I completely agree with what he has to say. I'm no artist (in the traditional sense), but I love making things with my hands, a tool, machine, or computer. (**Warning, if your name is Mark, Jill, Tricia, or you are my dad, you may not want to read more until after Christmas**)
This weekend, I was on a kick. Lots of Christmas presents were made for various people in my lovely family. They include the following:

 Math nerd clock

 Button earrings

Elephant onesie

Brown paper packages tied up with butcher twine. The bottom rectangular one is one I made for my husby but I wrapped it up before he could peak. (I used tape from this website to tape them up. I love washi tape.)

Creation space. My two prizes grace the table. Silhouette Cameo and Bernina.

Most of my creation materials. Don't mind the messy fabric.

Felt ornaments. One for the Mrs., one for the Mr., and one for the two of us. 

Glitter ornaments. Glitter graces the inside so there is no mess once you get it in.

I love to create things for my own home and for people I love, but I also try to incorporate creation into my classroom. I had a couple of BYU students in my classroom a couple of weeks ago and they were impressed with the number of different things my students have created. I try to have them making things all the time to encourage their own creations and to gain the love that I have.

Want to come create with me?

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