Monday, June 27, 2011

Our married lives pre cruise

For our honeymoon, my honey and myself took a cruise to Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama.
Gorgeous gorgeous.
Here is how we got to that point:
We were married on June 2, 2011 at 3:40 pm. Last wedding of the day in the Salt Lake Temple. (Once I have the wedding day pictures, there will be a big, glorious post about the wedding day.) After the ceremony, we took a few more pictures and then were done. My lovely sister-in-law helped me out of my dress and took the dress as well as the diamond ring with her to keep in a safe place. (I did not feel 100% comfortable with taking the ring to the countries we were headed to.) I bid goodbye to my family and waited for my new husband.
After a quick dinner at the Nauvoo Cafe in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (I burned my tongue on the soup), we skipped off the the Hilton for the first night. (We did not literally skip, but we did walk there.)
As we discovered at this wonderfully posh hotel, the nicer the hotel is, the less likely they are to have a complimentary breakfast in the morning. I convinced my new husband that we could skip the $14 a head breakfast buffet and find something to eat in the airport.
We took a shuttle to the airport so that we did not have to pay to have a car sit there for almost two weeks. After having my first pat down at the airport, Wolf and I ate Cinnibuns and bagels. Our first flight was from Salt Lake to Detroit. Boring. No turbulence at all.
(This is where I insert the fact that I adore flying. I love it so much that if I can have a layover instead of taking a direct flight, I will choose to do so because then I get to be on more planes! Turbulence is one of my favorite things ever.)
The Detroit airport has an interesting layout. There are two terminals; both as straight as a stick. One of them is a mile long and has an ExpressTram that goes from one end to the other in just three minutes. Wolf and I had a pretty long layover there and had a fun time racing around the airport to check out the largest planes. At one point, we decided to hop over to the other terminals by going through a tunnel. I'll let Wikipedia explain this part:
"This walkway, known as the Light Tunnel, features an elaborate multi-colored light show behind sculpted glass panels extending the entire length of the walkway, as well several moving walkways. The light patterns are synchronized with an original musical score composed byVictor Alexeeff, which runs for nearly a half hour before repeating. This installation, one of the first large scale uses of color changing LED lighting in the United States, was produced by Mills James Productions with glasswork by Foxfire Glass Works of Pontiac, Michigan. The display won multiple lighting design awards including the prestigious Guth Award of Merit. For passengers who are prone to medical conditions such as seizures, there are buttons at each end of the tunnel that will suspend the light show for five minutes so they can pass through with no adverse affects."
It was crazy. After our three hour layover, we hopped on a plane headed to Ft. Lauderdale. That was an incredible flight. almost half of the flight is over the Atlantic Ocean and we could spot cruise ships as well as islands. For about half an hour of this flight, we flew right next to a lightning storm. It was one the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Lightning at eye level. Some of it was visible to us, but we occasionally saw some that would strike in the clouds and the clouds would light up. (Oh yeah, we also had some sweet turbulence.)
After safely landing in Ft. Laud, we took a van to our hotel (less classy, but this one did have a breakfast the next morning) to crash for the night.

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