Monday, June 27, 2011

Our wedding

As of right now, I only have these two pictures of the wed (or at least the reception). I know the husby took more pictures than this before anyone came, but I do not know where he has placed them.
Picture one:
This is what the room looked like. ten tables, seven chairs each. White table cloth, green table runner, mirror, and flower arrangement. The lovely Vicki Garbutt did the flower arrangements. They were gorgeous. Over in the back, you can see the hanging parasols which highlighted where we put the cake. Over in the back left, you can see Brother Garbutt. He's cool too. A few people thought he was my dad because he was here helping his wife prior to the beginning of the reception. I was flattered that they thought he was my father.

Picture two: The only reason why this picture exists is to showcase me, in my dress, eating a chick fillet sandwich. Wolf thought it was funny. You can see the lovely florist behind me arranging flowers. Also visible in the picture is one of the strands of bunting as well as the ice cream topping table.

Hopefully I will find the rest of the pictures and post them soon.

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