Saturday, August 13, 2011

How it all began part III

To read the first two parts, for your reading pleasure, here is part I and part II.
The next day was a Saturday. Saturdays are days that Wolf works for at least 13.5 hours. That particular Saturday was also a day that I drove down to Cedar City with one of my besties/roommate that endured me for the longest to see one of my other old roommates give her farewell talk. Julia and I enjoyed the ride down and had a blast dancing and eating and catching up with friends. Because it was a sleepover, we had to have girl talk and chat about boys and life.
So I chatted about Wolf. The girls thought he sounded cute and I completely agreed. Especially because before the sleepover part of the weekend, I texted him quite a bit. One thought I had about him was that it was really late to be up (around 1 am). I am very much a morning person and cannot do late nights. I wondered if he was the complete opposite and I worried about what would happen if we continued to date.
That weekend passed by, I gave a hug to my darling missionary Kyrie, I made up songs with Julia on the way home from Cedar City, and I continued to text Wolf when I got home.
Well, we continued to see each other and date. We went to the symphony and had a few dinner/dessert dates. Thanksgiving had passed by this point which meant a couple of things.
1. The mall hours were now longer than usual.
2. The mall hired a couple more people to work at the customer service desk during the crazy gift-giving season.
Wolf suddenly found himself working with Angie, a lady that just happened to live in my brother's ward. Angie is...talkative. She would talk to my sister-in-law about Wolf and then talk to Wolf about me.
One night after a family dinner, my sister-in-law in question approached me and described this unusual conversation she had had with Angie. Tricia (the sister-in-law) told me that Angie talked about a conversation she had with Wolf:
A: So, have you kissed her?
W: No
A: You need to kiss her soon or else she won't stay around.


Do I seem like the type of girl that would not stick around because a dude I started going out with had not kissed me yet? (Your answer here is NO!)
Well, that evening (December 5) I met up with Wolf. We made a delicious flourless chocolate cake. I still dream about it. We made the cake and then talked for hours.
As I walked him to the door that night, the topic of Angie came up. I mentioned that Tricia had told me an amusing story about her. I knew very well where this would lead if I told Wolf the story.
Wolf wanted to hear the story.
I told him the story.
He kissed me.
I stayed around.

It was a pretty good first kiss.